All black everywhere

Coucou mes rockstars! J'ai passé une superbe journée avec tous mes amours: Natalia Kills, Coco and Breezy et Kesh. Nous étions tous habillés de noir...Plutôt marrant non? Xxx

Hello my rockstars! I spent a wonderful day with all my loves: Natalia Kills, Coco and Breezy, and Kesh. We were all wearing black....Funny, isn't it? Xxx

What I'm wearing : H&M Black Vinyle Top, Grey Necklace and Leatherette Leggings, Coco and Breezy Rainy Days Sunnies

2 commentaires:

  1. well i think you all look amazing :D i love black and btw you have a new follower in GFC


  2. this photo is amazing in every way...i love BLACK!

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